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Toad's Place

300 York Street


Toad's Place has been hoppin' since 1975, establishing itself as one of the premier music halls in the country. Virtually every major touring act has appeared on Toad's stage in the past twenty years.

Toad's place remains a favorite venue for many of the megastars when they wish to perform in a smaller, more intimate atmosphere where they can be closer to their fans. For this very reason, The Rolling Stones chose to kick off their 1989 "Steel Wheels" tour at Toad's Place!

How has Toad's managed to stay on top for all of these years? It's simple... We at Toad's Place realize that everyone doesn't like the same kind of music! In any given month, Toad's features a broad spectrum of live performers, as well as some of the most talented DJs on the East Coast. Rock and Roll, Blues, Reggae, Techno... We have it all, from classic favorites to the most exciting new talent!

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